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Legal Advisor in Oman

Job Type: Legal Advisor
Location: Oman
Job Category: Legal/Lawyers

Skill Set:
-Expertise in Commercial Laws and appreciation of civil and criminal Laws
Knowledge and expertise in the Sharia Law
-Handle matters concerning the court on legal issues arising out of Claims handled by the Company
-To recommend or undertake appropriate legal action in circumstances of disputes.
Prepare cases for court by conducting investigations, undertaking research and giving notice of court actions
-Represent the company in court outlining the facts to the court, calling and questioning witnesses, and making addresses to the court to argue the company’s case
-Monitor and liaise with Legal Consultants /Solicitors /Lawyers who are representing the company and act as a focal point in the company for all legal issues
-Update the Management on the Pending court cases arising out of claims or other issues on a regular basis
-Receives written information in the form of briefs and verbal instructions concerning cases from solicitors, other specialist law professionals where required.
-To receive and track changes to the various Laws, Rules and regulations affecting the Operations of the company in normal course of business
-Preparing and overseeing Contracts and agreements originating from the company or where the company is a party to the contract for Legal issues and act in the best interests of the company.
-To Act as a Secretary to the Board and other Operational Committees constituted.
-To arrange and give notice of meetings of directors and shareholders, attend board and other internal meetings,
Direct the preparation of agendas, minutes, resolutions and associated records of proceedings

Minimum 10 years experience in handling commercial and civil disputes and preferably 3-5 years experience as Legal Advisor in the Corporate Sector
Minimum Bachelor’s degree in Law or LLB

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