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Marketing Job in Dubai : Sales Manager

Job Vacancy : Sales Manager

MECS’s client list is as wide and varied as our list of services - indeed, both are counter dependent. We believe in dual dependency - our clients expect and receive nothing but the best, and we know that by delivering it, we attract clients to our methodology and ethics.

Territory Sales Manager Dubai

Responsible for recruiting direct Sales Personnel to work on a commission basis selling our wide range of competitive products and services. The territory Manager will have a maximum of 15 individual commission based Sales Staff working directly under his / her direction. Salary will be commission based and is expected to amount to 10% of the Total Sales generated by the individual Sales executives.

This position will suit dedicated experienced Sales Manager’s who are used to closing sales, backed up by a wide range of direct marketing initiatives from our head office. The company has a unique position within the local market offering a higher quality than is available from its competitors and at a reduced price.

If your skills match, please snd your resume to: